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Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is So Important Today


Your upholstery is a very important piece in any ones home. It gives you blissful comfort after a long day at work and the whole family enjoys some much needed relaxation on it come the weekends, so it goes without saying that all members of the family and maybe your pets too spend a lot of time on the much loved couch. It also results in more accidental food spills on the couch. Most people perform upholstery cleaning on a weekly bases with just a regular home vacuum cleaner, however professional upholstery steam cleaning is necessary on a once a year minimum interval.

The Rug Spa professional upholstery cleaners in Canberra follow the best process and most suitable cleaning products according to your couch or sofa fabric, this means all the dust and stains are removed easier from your couch without damaging the delicate fabric. The Rug Spa upholstery steam cleaning services will make your homes couch smell better than ever and cleaner as well as extend the overall life of it. " Yes that's why upholstery cleaning is so important today." Did you also know their are other pieces of your home furnishing we can clean too? That's right perhaps fabric dining chairs, bed heads, curtains and even the family car seats.

To get a quote on your upholstery cleaning, call us today on: 0407 945 822


"You Won't Believe The Difference"

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