Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Canberra


Water Damage Restoration In Canberra.


Water damage restoration in Canberra, ACT. 24 hour emergency call out. We offer water extraction and restoration for all wet carpet situations.


At The Rug Spa Carpet Cleaning are fully trained carpet flood technicians and can handle all water damage situations and we are available for 24/hour emergency water damage restoration call outs in Canberra.


We can extract water and dirt, remove all effected underlay if necessary and treat your carpets to prevent mildew, mold, or other bacteria from harming you or others in your family. 


Where necessary we can also provide hot air blowers to help accelerate the drying time. 


procedures for Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Restoration Canberra

  1. Pre-site inspection of water damage: We check for safety hazards throughout the area, evaluate the extent of damage, then advise client of the necessary procedures that need to be carried out with an estimated cost for the work.

  2. We will apply an antimicrobial spray to kill any and stop bacteria from growing.

  3. Extract as much excess water as possible.

  4. Assess carpet to determine if it should be removed or replaced.

  5. If carpets are removed, then we apply antimicrobial spray to the floor underneath.

  6. The use of onsite drying equipment is placed such as blowers and dehumidifiers if applicable.

  7. A daily inspection to ensure all drying conditions are optimal.

  8. We then carpet steam clean the dry carpet once drying is completed.


Calling a professional as soon as possible is very important, as mould can start to grow within 24 hours if not treated promptly. 

Whether it is from storm damage, burst pipes, washing machine leak, or just about any water damage situation to your carpets, The Rug Spa Water Damage Restoration services can help you. 

Call 0407 945 822 for emergency wet carpet restoration Canberra wide.

It is important to act fast to contain the water damage. We can respond within 1 hour 24/7 in the Canberra - ACT, and Queanbeyan - NSW  areas.