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How To Prepare For A Canberra Carpet Steam Cleaning


Thank you for booking an appointment with us for a Canberra carpet steam cleaning, upholstery or rug cleaning. Here are some suggestions that can help us both with preparing for your home for the cleaning appointment.

  1. Please remove all small items from carpet areas that are going to be carpet cleaned for example, toys, books, pot plants, shoes, clothes, boxes, pet beds and pet food containers.

  2. Please remove all sentimental or breakable items from furniture that will have to be moved during the cleaning process.

  3. Please fold or hang with coat hanger any full length curtains at least 4 inches off the carpet.

  4. During the pre-inspection with your carpet steam cleaning technician please advise them of any carpet stains or stubborn spots that would require more attention or specialised treatments.

  5. Let the carpet cleaner also know if their is any previous damage to furniture such as wonky or loose legs, loose table tops, broken bedheads and bed frames.

  6. Please find a quite and safe place for your pets to be while the cleaning is being performed.

  7. For safety reasons children also must be kept an eye on whilst we are steam cleaning.

Here is some after care information for carpet steam cleaning.

You can walk on the carpet straight away but be care to have very clean shoes our bare feet.

Be sure to take cautions when walking from wet carpet to hard floors (don't run). The Rug Spa Carpet Steam Cleaning Canberra would personally like to thank you for using our services and taking the time to read through these suggestions put to you. Feel free to contact me personally if you have any further questions answered.

To get a quote on your carpet steam cleaning, call us today on: 0407 945 822


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