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Why Use A Professional Rug Cleaning Service In Canberra


There are several benefits of using our professional rug cleaning service in Canberra. First of all, our knowledge and expertise of different rug fibres. All rugs need identifying and treated carefully to avoid any damage in the rug cleaning process. Some carpet cleaners will include rug cleaning as part of their day to day services but the best results are often best achieved by using a professional rug cleaning service that takes their time to understand the uniqueness of individual rugs.

Certain handmade rugs for example Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Chinese wool rugs all require professional rug cleaning solutions that are neutral in the PH scale, the risks associated by cleaning a rug like these with normal carpet cleaning chemicals could be extremely damaging to the natural fibres which could result in the rugs natural colours to fading slowly over time or even the colour bleeding into one another.

If hot water extraction or steam cleaning is used, it is very important that the rugs are dried carefully in a controlled environment. Sometimes rugs are dried on racks or dried laying flat so as not to over stretch the rug. This drying process is a very important part of any rug cleaning procedure, and if not dried fast enough with proper air movement and ventilation their is a possibility they could shrink, stretch and regrettably permanently damaged. The other benefits of having rugs professionally cleaned with The Rug Spa Carpet Cleaning includes knowing that after a thorough rug clean, they will be delivered back to your home dry, cleaner, fresher and brighter once again.


We are Canberra's finest rug cleaning service in Canberra with free pick-up and delivery.

Contact us to today to arrange a professional inspection and no-obligation free quote.

To get a quote on your rug cleaning, call us today on: 0407 945 822


"You Won't Believe The Difference"


Author: Michael Gomez

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