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Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Carpet Dry Cleaning Canberra


The Carpet Steam Cleaning Canberra Method.

Carpet steam cleaning has gone through many changes over the years. all though we have seen many improvements in equipment, techniques and chemicals, the basic fundamentals of carpet steam cleaning are still the same.

With this method, carpet steam cleaning solution is injected into the carpet fibres, followed by a vacuum system that extracts the solution and suspended soils. Carpet steam cleaning is not high pressure cleaning we clean carpets to the recommended pressure of 300 to 400 psi.

While the above describes the basic system, no carpet steam cleaning system is complete without a preconditioning step. the preconditioning involves a chemical designed to emulsify and suspend the oxidised soils and oils until they can be extracted with the cleaning equipment.

Even more important than quality carpet cleaning equipment, is an experienced quality carpet cleaning technician. Please note that we use a Neutralising agent that helps remove any left over cleaning solutions. This is performed with all carpet steam cleaning jobs we do to insure that your carpets stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

carpet-dry cleaning

The Carpet Dry Cleaning Canberra Method.

Carpet dry cleaning system is also used used throughout the carpet cleaning industry. Absorbent pad cleaning is used both as an interim maintenance system as well as for primary cleaning method. The equipment used will consist of a rotary scrubber machine with a drive block instead of a brush.

The machines used for this process will usually turn at between 150 to 300 RPM. Placed on the drive pad is an absorbent pad. The pads are made from any combination of fibres, with rayon and cotton being the most common. A pump sprayer is needed, and a mop bucket with a wringer can also be used.

After the carpet is vacuumed and prepared, the cleaning process begin with a spray of chemical solution onto the carpet. The chemical is usually a water based formula with certain solvents and lubricants added as an aid in the cleaning and drying process.

Once the chemical is applied to the carpet it is best to give it time to work. Then, with the pad slightly damp, they proceed to buff over the carpet using overlapping strokes. The absorbent pad is suppose to pick up suspended soils and excess cleaning solution. The pad should be changed when it becomes saturated and no longer picks up soils. This means to thoroughly clean one room it is recommended that the pad is rinsed at least four times depending on the amount of soiling present.

Unfortunately some operators get lazy and with rooms that don't appear to be dirty only use one pad to speed up the job time. As a professional carpet cleaner for over 26 years i can honestly say that the carpet dry cleaning process has many disadvantages compared to the carpet steam cleaning system. So in my professional opinion although carpet steam cleaning will take a few hours more to dry, the carpet will be left with more soil deeply removed and less chances of faster re-soiling issues.

The recommended time between carpet cleaning for carpet steam cleaning is one year. For dry cleaning it is every six months. The price is almost the same. So i'll let you do the maths. Most people these days don't find the time with their very busy lifestyles to have the carpets clean every six months. So the longer your carpets go without cleaning the soils and in-ground dirt become trapped much further within the pile, this means unfortunately that the carpet dry cleaning system cannot cope effectively with that amount of soil buildup as well as deep liquid spills or animal urine and contamination.

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