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Carpet Cleaning Canberra – Keep Your Carpets Looking Clean and Fresh


You don't want to hire inexperienced carpet cleaners in Canberra that will only do more damage than good. Over wetting the carpet and underlay can ruin any carpet and causes Bactria to form very quickly if the carpets takes too long to dry. A bad carpet cleaning job can easily void your carpet warranty and ruin even the most good quality carpets!

You should follow your carpet manufacturer's carpet cleaning guidelines to the letter if you want to keep your carpet warranty. You should call a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets The Rug Spa Carpet Cleaning Canberra recommends at least every 8 to 12 months, whether you think your carpets require it or not.

The problems that over soiling can causes to carpet fibres.

Soil can wear out carpets prematurely. Next to a car or home, the investment in home furnishings are the highest that a consumer can make. Excess soil will destroy that investment in four ways.

1: While today better quality carpets will resist heavy wear, they are still exposed to the soil, that if not removed on a periodic basis this will cause the carpet to "ugly out".

2: Most of the soil, whether it be tracked in, food spills, or pollution, is acid based. Fume fading, is a problem caused by acid gases passing over the carpet and eventually reacting with the dyes.

3: Oxidised oils, and the resins they form, will begin to yellow and eventually weaken the carpet fibres.

4: Abrasive soil - The sand and grit that tracts in on a daily basis will cause the fibres to be scratched and abraded. This wear on the carpet fibres will reflect light differently and their four will give the carpet a worn look.

Spills, stains, grease, oil and animal tracking are all unsanitary. A soiled carpet is the perfect breading ground for a number of pathogens and bacteria.

Customers need to know that it is no longer a good idea to let the carpet go as long as possible in between professional carpet cleaning.

To get a quote on your upholstery cleaning, call us today on: 0407 945 822


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