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Persian Rug Cleaning Service - Dry Soil Removal Process




The number 1 Step before Pre-Inspection is to thoroughly vacuum your rugs with an industrial strength vacuum machine one that will vibrate out all the fine particles of dust, dirt. This is a very important part of the whole rug cleaning process, sometimes taking over 1 hour just to vacuum a 2 x 3 rug. However removing the bulk of all the dirt and dust will insure that your rug will last you longer. Rugs like this Persian rug above has a very tight pile and thread count, so it will trap or harbour a lot of dirt in just a few years. Unfortunately your home vacuum cleaner is just not strong enough or designed right for Persian rugs. Our process is very thorough and will reduces wear and tear on rug because this much dirt acts like sand paper grinding the fibres. We understand the value of your precious rugs and take pride in our work. We’re always amazed on the amount of debris that we pull out of some rugs like the one you see above. This is why a percentage of fine area rugs need to be cleaned off site for professional rug cleaning. If you require a no obligation free quote for your precious rugs then don’t hesitate, call us now to discuss how we can arrange to help you. Call: 0407945822


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