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The Rug Spa carpet cleaning can save tenants and renters money with carpet repair services. We have a close business relationship with a professional carpet laying and repair company and can help you organise any carpet repair issues you may have.


For example Split seams in doorways, hallways and rooms can be repaired. We can re-cut, trim and join the carpet seams, then power stretch your carpet back into place. Our friends also repair frayed or worn out carpets where they meet the edges of kitchens or bathrooms tiled or wood thresholds, using similar methods. 


As long as the carpet you have is in reasonable to good condition and the spare piece they are provided with to do the repair is in good condition, an excellent result can be guaranteed and you will be impressed with the end result.


The latest and best hi-tech carpet repair and carpet laying equipment and materials are used for the repair. Along with over twenty years of experience in carpet repairs, to achieve the best possible result.

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